Weekly News Roundup - PR Club

Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

The New England Patriots are still undefeated, which has sparked a strong sense of determination for New Englanders. Check out these 5 trends that can help you dominate the PR and marketing world.

  1. Agile brands take customers’ short attention spans into consideration for all their marketing tactics. Learn how to make your brand more nimble so you’re able to quickly adapt in any situation.
  2. When starting a business, there can be several challenges to overcome. If you’re looking for advice, check out these 3 tips on how to establish a powerful marketing strategy for your new company.
  3. Do you ever use Pinterest? If your main objective is to promote products, Pinterest might be the platform for you. Learn how to present your content creatively to help drive traffic to your website.
  4. In the US, Google has been the leading player in search advertising for many years. Now, Amazon has started to inch their way to the top. Read more about how Amazon is expected to reach double-digit revenue growth within 2 short years.
  5. How do you keep your brand successful long-term? Adaptability is key. Learn how to remain relevant in today’s demanding landscape to help your brand achieve ultimate success.