PR Club 2018-2019 Board

Get in touch with the board to ask questions, share ideas, or inquire about joining by emailing

Todd Graff/CTP – President
Cheryl Gale/March Communications – Past president
Michael Dowding/Wordscape Communications  – Treasurer
Pam DeCoste – Executive administrator

Vice Presidents

Kathy Wilson/Tier One – Programming
Rachel Huff/360PR+ – Programming
Victoria Newell/V2.0 Communications – Programming
Alexis DeVilling – Content and Communications
Derek Edmond/Ko Marketing – Digital
Amanda Fountain/451 – Social media
Ashley Waters/PAN – Marketing communications

Lindsay Poole/PAN – Marketing communications
Amy Shanler/Boston University – Awards
Melissa Murtaugh/451 – Bell Ringers
Sara Leaf Hermann – Sponsorships
Kate Lizotte/451 – Student Membership

Members at large

Karyn Martin/451
Brian Alberti/LEWIS
Krysten Hayward/Medtronic
Jess Greenhalgh/360PR+
Brittany Falconer/Liberty Mutual
Colleen Connolly/WE
Megan Ostrower/Racepoint
Megan Doherty/ LPP
Martha De Labby/Text100
Kaitlyn Cooney/Brodeur
Sarah Wheble/Formlabs