• Your entry narrative should be one slideshow (saved and submitted as a PDF) organized into four sections: situation analysis; statement of objectives; program planning and strategy; and results documentation. Please keep your entry narrative to 6-8 pages in length, using concise language and bullets whenever possible. A sample entry narrative can be viewed here.
  • For the “On a Shoestring” category, please include the budget in your submission. To be considered for this category, the budget must not have exceeded $10K. Budget information will remain confidential and will not be published anywhere.
  • Excessive typos and general sloppiness will result in point loss and may eliminate your entry from consideration.
  • You will have the opportunity to upload supporting materials separately.
  • Entry materials submitted become the property of the PR Club. If you win an award, your entry narrative and supporting materials will be part of the online Winner’s Showcase, and potentially in the ceremony and/or video. If you require your client’s approval to share work, please secure that approval prior to including it in your submission.

Read on for more details about the entry narrative slideshow requirements, as well as additional materials needed for your entry. 

Entry Title

Develop a title for your entry that should read like a headline, and should not include your organization’s name again. Check your spelling carefully as this is how the entry will appear on awards, certificates, and winning celebrations, if your entry wins. There will be a 100-character maximum on the entry title.

Entry Narrative Slideshow PDF

1. Situation Analysis

Your situation analysis should include an overview of the competitive landscape in addition to the factors in the marketplace or organization that created the need for this project. Please explain the problem(s) and opportunity/opportunities pertaining to this project while avoiding industry jargon. 


Provide a specific, detailed explanation of the measurable objectives/goals that guided the development of the project.


Discuss the techniques, methods, and approaches used to achieve the objectives stated above and solve the problem. 


Provide both quantitative and qualitative documentation of the success of the project, such as engagement, inquiries or sales generated, earned media message pull-through or positive feedback from management or client contacts that demonstrate the goals were achieved. The results documentation must contain factual information (not opinions or feelings) and should confirm achievement of the set goals. All supporting materials should be attached and should not be included in your entry narrative. 


Your entry narrative will be scored section by section, based on how well you convey the section’s required information as noted above:

  • Situation Analysis: up to 20 pts
  • Statement of Objectives: up to 20 pts
  • Program Planning and Strategy: up to 20 pts
  • Results Documentation: up to 30 pts
  • Quality of Entry (e.g. originality of the work; how well you were able to convey what you accomplished and how; including specific details; adhering to the entry guidelines; lack of errors, etc.): up to 10 pts

Showcase Summary

Separate from the entry narrative slideshow PDF, you will also be required to submit a 150-word summary of your entry. This will be used as an introduction in the online Winner’s Showcase, and may also be used in the ceremony or other presentation of winners. 

Winner’s Showcase image

Also separate from the entry narrative slideshow PDF, please provide an image (saved as a PDF) you would like to be featured as the cover to your online showcase, should you win an award. The more visual the better! Be imaginative with what makes your submission visually compelling. Note, the maximum size of the PDF is 25MB.

Social Media-Friendly Image

You will have the option of including a modified logo the PR Club will use when promoting winning entries on social media (for example, an agency and client logo lock up).

Supporting Materials

Your entry should include supporting materials to help bring your entry to life, such as media placements, work samples, results, or recognition. Campaigns require a minimum of three supporting materials; there is no minimum requirement for single-item entries.

Please combine your materials into one document, though you be able to share video or web links separately. DO NOT include duplicates of the same media coverage. For example, Associated Press stories that run in multiple outlets should be submitted once and accompanied by a list of actual placements. 

Note that entry materials submitted become the property of the PR Club. If you win an award, your entry narrative will be part of the winner’s showcase, and potentially in the ceremony presentation and/or video. If you require your client’s approval to share campaign-related works, please secure that approval prior to including it in your submission.

All winning entries will remain confidential until the night of the awards ceremony. Please note that judges are eligible to enter the competition, but are not allowed to judge the categories that they, their companies, or their clients have entered. All results are reviewed and audited.