Webinar: How to Develop Compelling Content During a Global Crisis

Tuesday, June 23

12:00-1:00 p.m. ET

Content Marketing is the Only Marketing That’s Left. – Seth Godin

Thousands of free resources are available to guide marketing communications professionals handling crisis communications in a normal news environment.

But how do you adapt brand-centered messaging when society itself is in crisis?

Learn best practices from three experts during this free webinar taking place on Tuesday, June 23 at from 12:00-1:00 pm ET.

Join us to learn how to quickly pivot, adapting to sudden and dramatic shifts in what clients and their audiences need.

  • Webinar Topics Will Include:
  • When to Redefine Your Content Marketing Priorities
  • When to Begin Planning for the Post-COVID 19 Future
  • When and How to Comment
  • Case Study: Why was Ben & Jerry’s blog post on dismantling white supremacy
    successful? “Silence is Not an Option”

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Moderator, Helene Solomon, Founder & Co-President, Solomon McCown & Cence

Helene melds a track record of work for some of the most recognized brands in their fields with an understanding of, and passion for, issues that stem from her background in politics, experience in the public sector, and board service. Helene has a passion for issues at the intersection of public policy and business. Helene brings her many years of public sector and local political experience to the firm’s strategic work with public agencies, CEOs, and boards and in fine-tuning organizational initiatives including messaging, campaign development and thought leadership.


Kathy O’Reilly, Senior Press Officer at Philips

As part of the Global Brand Communications and Digital Organization, Kathy is a member of the Global Press Office managing the development and implementation of external PR and media relations, global communications, digital content and social media strategies to drive news and positive brand awareness for Philips and help frame the company as a leader in the Health Tech industry.


Mark O’Toole, Group Vice President, Public Relations + Content, Mower Agency

Mark manages the Boston office, leading the agency’s branding, design and public relations teams in creating digital marketing plans, PR programs, integrated marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, branding projects, content marketing, search/SEO/SEM and social media initiatives for clients.