Becoming a Data-Informed PR Superhero

When: Tuesday, February 5, 2019 6:00PM – 7:30PM

Join Katie Delahaye Paine, a pioneer in the field of communications measurement for three decades, and Chris Penn, a digital and marketing technology expert and sought-after speaker, for a conversation about the heightened role data is playing in the lives of communications professionals.

Whether it’s for strategic planning, evaluating results, budgeting or message mapping, PR and Communications managers are turning to data to make decisions. Organizations are braiding together data from web analytics, CRM, digital and social data, as well as traditional media evaluation and customer satisfaction studies, into powerful new dashboards that propel the effectiveness of their communications programs.

Data is today’s new currency. The communications professionals who are embracing data are quickly turning into the super-heroes for their agencies or departments. And the ones who aren’t risk getting left behind as our industry increasingly puts a value on tangible program metrics.

Katie and Chris will discuss how to get started with data and measurement, as well as ways data is informing tough questions such as:

  • How do I determine where in the program I should invest resources?
  • If we want to increase trust, is it better to do one big event or many smaller ones?
  • Is social media effective at getting our messages out there?
  • What’s the value of involving employees in our social media efforts?
  • What’s the best way to announce our next product?
  • Who are some of the companies that are “doing data right” in their programs?
  • How can I present data in a way that makes my leadership team listen?

This is a can’t-miss session for modern communications professionals who want to make more strategic and informed decisions about their programs – and prove the value of those efforts.

Thank you to our sponsors: Talkwalker and PAN Communications, where the event will be hosted!


PAN Communications
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#floor 8
Boston, MA 02109
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