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PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Although brands constantly look for authentic, creative ways to connect with consumers attitudes, 2020 has brought fear and confusion to consumers that industry leaders are still adapting to address. Check out these 5 articles about how brands today are strategizing to connect to consumers through authenticity:

  1. All-platform marketing is an approach that can allow businesses to connect with their customers on several digital touch points, and offers the customers a much better user experience overall. Because the public is constantly overloaded with information, marketing across a variety of platforms such as email, social media, apps and events may not be enough. Learn about ways marketers can deliver a seamless message for better results.
  2. New Balance basketball was announced at All-Star Weekend last year, but it wasn’t until game 7 in the NBA Finals for the hype to begin. Kawhi Leonard’s infamous four-bounce, last-second shot against the Philadelphia 76ers influenced the first ever New Balance basketball shoe that dropped this month. Read more about how Kawhi’s shot and shoe was a pivotal moment for the brand to compete with Nike and Adidas.
  3. Earlier this year, a heartfelt short film about an African American father who has to endure the task of doing his young daughter’s hair for the first time captured the entertainment industry’s attention by taking home an Oscar. The film, created and directed by Matthew A. Cherry, brought animation studio Lion Forge Animation to light as the company is one of the few black-owned animation studios in existence. Learn more about how the company is bringing authenticity to the industry through spotlighting underrepresented voices.
  4. Browsers such as Safari and Firefox are no longer supporting third-party cookies which may lead to disruptions in how business is done in addressable media. Google Chrome is set to follow in the footsteps of these browsers announcing by 2022 third-party cookies will be blocked. Learn more about third-party cookies and the challenge to brands, agencies and publishers blocking them creates.
  5. With the success of the Popeye’s chicken sandwich this year, the company found a way to celebrate its achievements while acknowledging it wasn’t a successful year for the world it exists in. Popeye’s launched a countdown until 2021 ad under the New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square to as a result of the current pandemic. Check out what else Popeye’s is doing to relate to the consumer with their countdown to 2021.