PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Happy Holidays! Before you head out for vacation and enjoy time with loved ones, read about some exciting news in our industry to recap on 2019. 

  1. No surprise that 2020’s marketing trends are centered around technology. Learn about 4 different trends that the industry believes will define the marketing landscape in the new year.
  2. Ryan Reynold’s new ad of his Aviator Gin brand featured the Peloton actress in a powerful but humorous way. Watch the successful new commercial that captured the anger that consumers were feeling.
  3. Now that hashtags have been fully integrated into LinkedIn for a year, it is important to know how to successfully use them on your profile. Read the 4-step guide to effectively using hashtags on LinkedIn.
  4. It is very important to have a digital presence for your company, especially in this day in age. A business website can attract customers faster and easier. Read about how to build a modern business website in 2020 to continue to grow your business.
  5. Are you struggling to write a business plan? Talking to the right target audience is important; however, knowing how to deliver your plan is even more important. Here are 5 deliverables to get people excited and engaged about your new idea.