Weekly News Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Before you stuff your face with copious amounts of Thanksgiving turkey and enjoy a little too much family time, here are 5 exciting trends to keep you educated on the PR world.

  1. Do you like ice-cream? A young entrepreneur turned a summer project into a $200 million business for the common love of ice-cream. Read more about how the dream became a reality.
  2. Emails are intended to deliver a message and email marketing is one of the most popular forms communication for businesses worldwide. However, one of the biggest issues for email marketing is deliverability rate. Learn about 4 ways you can improve it.
  3. The PR industry is constantly changing, but writing stays the same. Over 90% of journalists and influencers prefer email pitches. Here are 9 tips to perfect your writing skills.
  4. Ecosia is a new search engine platform that not only helps us find information, but is aiming to save the planet in the process. For every 45 online searches, Ecosia plants a tree. Learn more about this new platform’s CSR strategy.
  5. SEO is very important in the PR industry. PR works to improve the organic engagement while SEO works to improve visibility. Here are 7 tips to make sure PR and SEO work together to improve your business reputation and discoverability.