Weekly News Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

If you are suffering from post-holiday blues after this past Halloween, don’t worry! We have a few exciting industry trends to help cheer you up.

  1. The Dee Family is celebrating 70 years of Smarties! Smarties candy began in Bloomfield, New Jersey out of a small garage. Learn more about the brand’s history and the family behind it all.
  2. Constantly tackling unexpected media inquiries? The PR pros are here to help make sure you never get caught off guard. Follow these 10 techniques while speaking with journalists.
  3. Since many people turn to social media as a news source, Facebook decided to capitalize. Facebook launched a designated section for articles curated by journalists and user preferences, learn more!
  4. Looking for ways to improve your PR strategy? Read these 5 simple tips that can help initiate better visibility, improved credibility, and stronger relationships with customers and clients.
  5. Did you know that 77% of U.S workers prefer email over other messaging apps in the workplace? Even though messaging apps seem more practical, the masses still stick to email. Learn why coworkers prefer having email conversations.