Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

It’s the time of year that people both hate and love, the time when we get to enjoy the beauty of autumn, all while remembering that summer is ending and winter is right around the corner. Before you hurl yourself into the whirlwind of fall activities, make sure you catch up on the popular PR and marketing trends this week. 

  1. With over a million restaurants in the United States, separating yours from the competition can be a tough task. Creating a feeling of scarcity for your audience is one way to boost sales; check out this article to see what the other six essential marketing practices are to get ahead in the #RestaurantBiz.
  2. Most modern-day marketing strategies are formed around content, which must fully embody the image a company wants to portray of themselves. Here are seven of the most important aspects to include in your content strategy, and why they matter for your organization’s success. 
  3. Marketing on Instagram is a fine art. Every single aspect can affect the performance of the post; from length the of the caption, the emoji’s used, the type of content (image or video), and more. Read about this study done on thousands of different business accounts on Instagram to see what works and what doesn’t. 
  4. Toms, the shoe company devoted to giving back to people and communities around the world, sees massive amounts of online success. Much of this success can be credited to their social media and content strategies. Check out what James Chong, the senior manager of social customer engagement at Toms, has to share about building an engaging social media presence.
  5. Effectively marketing in an industry as new and uncharted as the Cannabis industry can be rather challenging. With many platforms restricting advertising that includes cannabis content, and many states still with restrictive laws, several companies are lost trying to make their products relevant. Here’s some advice on how to get started.