Weekly News Roundup - PR Club

Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

We typically think of crisis communications as a way to combat a PR disaster, but what about a natural disaster, like Hurricane Dorian? Brush up on how to effectively circulate important information during an emergency, and check out some of the other trends happening this week. 

  1. During a disaster, such as Hurricane Dorian, the efficient flow of accurate information is highly essential and can save lives. Check out this study on how social media has changed #CrisisCommunication and communication during emergencies.
  2. The vision you have of your business will likely change over time as it evolves and grows. As you work towards successfully rebranding, make sure you get these six essential factors right.
  3. As the NFL faces declining viewership among younger audiences, a partnership with video app, TikTok, brings hope for the organization. The NFL has started their own TikTok account to promote video campaigns and challenges to engage a larger, younger audience. 
  4. A successful marketing strategy does not have to break the bank. Many small businesses suffer in the marketing department under the false impression that an effective strategy requires a massive budget. Here are some pieces of advice on how to make a small budget work.
  5. The travel market has a history of using high-pressure and misleading sales tactics. More and more companies are finding that an ethical approach in travel marketing leads to trust and creates more financial rewards. Check out how marketing with the #ReturnOnEthics mindset leads to valuable results.