PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

As our COVID-19 summer comes to a wrap, employees are looking to Labor Day for a mental recharge from the long, hard days of working from home. Check out these 5 articles about how brands today continue to step up to ensure success in their businesses and world:

  1. Social distancing is here to stay, and that includes interacting digitally with colleagues and clients. While efforts are underway to reopen portions of society like offices and schools, large in-person events are going to be among the last functions to receive the green light to return. Check out these tips to having a successful virtual event.
  2. With millions of Americans out of work amid the pandemic, more than 50 brands will use their marketing channels to promote any job openings they might have instead of the usual blowout sales or discounts this Labor Day weekend. Read more about the companies looking to make a difference this holiday weekend.
  3. Facebook is expanding its policies to guard against voter suppression and removing a wider swath of misleading posts ahead of the 2020 US election. Facebook will block campaigns from submitting new political ads a week before Election Day, preventing candidates from posting uncontested messages ahead of the vote. Read more about what Facebook is doing to better prepare for this upcoming election.
  4. COVID-19 has added extra chaos to our already hectic lives. Between juggling working from home and homeschooling children, many people are taking a mental toll this year. Check out this story on how agencies are caring for employees during the pandemic through cookbooks and childcare benefits.
  5. The number one rule of multi-channel communications is to meet customers where they are. Oftentimes this means social media, but more frequently now, because of the pandemic, it also means text messaging. Learn more about how smartphones have changed how businesses communicate with consumers.