Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Next week will be busy getting everything in line before the long weekend for Labor Day. Before you get crackin’ on your work, make sure you’re caught up on all the popular trends and stories happening in the PR World (hint: there’s a funny video).  

  1. Weight Watchers has been confronted with massive amounts of criticism after releasing an app for children (as young as eight-years-old) to monitor their physical activity, food consumption, and weight. What would you do? 
  2. Marketing trends change very quickly and sometimes with no warning; it’s part of what makes the field so innovative and fast-paced. Click to read up on five trends that are happening in marketing right now.
  3. A campaign that makes viewers laugh has a better chance of keeping the brand or campaign relevant for a longer period of time (ex: Geico’s Hump Day Camel). Check out these 6 brands that cleverly tapped into humor to help them create the most memorable of campaigns. 
  4. Gen Z is living by all new standards that have forced marketers to change their strategies when looking to connect with this audience. Here’s some of the key points when it comes to making your brand relevant to Gen Z
  5. Social media is one of the more popular and convenient ways for companies to promote themselves. The tricky part is establishing a solid base of followers. Consistency is one of the ways to increase your follower count; click to find out some other methods.