Weekly News Roundup - PR Club

Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Another day of blue skies, warmth, summer, and PR/Marketing trends. Make sure you’re all caught up on what’s happening in the PR World before you go out to soak up the sun. 

  1. Today, social media marketing is a highly effective way to reach your audience, no matter what it is. Every generation is using social media more than ever, and this article will show you which platforms are the most relevant to each.
  2. Once a customer feels they are being fooled or conned by company, they take their business elsewhere. Loyalty comes from ethical marketing and how true and transparent the customer feels a company is. Check out what these marketers classify as unethical marketing. 
  3. As more and more athletes are stepping into influencer roles on social media channels, Levi Strauss & Co has shifted its focus to sports marketing. See how jumping into the sports arena is helping Levi’s stay relevant. 
  4. To swear or not to swear? Most of the time, and in the past, the answer is not to swear, but today, using the right profane language may have some benefits in getting a point across. Check out the response received after a few choice words left the mouth of Beto O’Rourke. 
  5. Most of the time, following trends is crucial to staying relevant among your audiences. However, companies that consistently practice and execute the fundamentals of marketing, are the companies seeing the best results. Read this article to get a refresher on the basics of marketing, and how to avoid “bright shiny object” syndrome.