Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

It’s hard to believe we’re already a week into August. Time really does fly when you work in a field as fast-paced as Public Relations or Marketing (and having fun). Keep up the momentum by staying current on the top trends in the PR World.

  1. Copyright law is a very intricate part of the U.S. Law code, that can be very murky water to navigate when trying to create content. Play it safe and make sure you understand the laws of copyright so you can protect your content, and honor the ownership of the content of others. 
  2. Maybe your brand isn’t the most exciting thing in the world; that doesn’t matter. A brand is only as boring as its marketing strategy. Read about these 3 brands and how they refused to be snoozers with these marketing campaigns.  
  3. Maintaining good relationships with media outlets is essential. The first step to building a genuine relationship is to ask how you can help. Check out this article to see what the next steps are in becoming a friend of the press. 
  4. If you look up from your phone for 5 minutes on the subway, you can most likely count on all fingers AND toes the amount of people who are glued to their phones as well. Check out this infographic to understand exactly how much time we spend on our devices each day.  
  5. A big budget isn’t always the answer to creating good public relations when running a busy business. Here’s some tips for reaching thousands, maybe even millions, without spending an arm and a leg.