Weekly News Roundup - PR Club

Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

It’s officially August! As it’s greatly encouraged to get outside and get to the beach to soak up the last full month of summer, it’s also greatly encouraged to get caught up on what’s happening in the PR Sphere. 

  1. Capital One’s massive #SecurityBreach has their Crisis PR Team scrambling. This statement released about the status of customer accounts left many confused. Check out what NOT to say when trying to restore confidence in consumers.  
  2. Yes, #InfluencerMarketing is an extremely effective way to reach relevant audiences, when the influencer has a legitimate following, at least. This year, fake followers will cost marketers up to $1.3 billion. Read about the massive rip off involving fake social media engagement. 
  3. We all know a captivating storyteller who could make even the most boring of essays sound like a thriller novel. Being able to tell a story has become a crucial strategy when attracting and retaining the attention of consumers. Consider these pointers when trying this tactic. 
  4. Marketing mistakes can be detrimental to more than just a company’s sales. Forever 21’s #DietBarDebacle is a prime example. The company faced backlash after including a free diet bar in shipped orders of plus-size clothing – yikes.
  5. Posting videos on social media can be a very effective way to grab the attention of consumers. On the other hand, having to continuously make new video content can eat up a significant amount of time. Check out these tips to maximize potential content from a single video.