PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Although COVID-19 has taken away many aspects of daily life, it has also brought people, communities, and companies closer in efforts of navigating the pandemic together. The year 2020 has taught us that change is inevitable, but also taught the world about the importance of patience, perseverance, and togetherness. Check out these 5 articles for more valuable lessons and insights:

  1. The advantages of a diverse workplace are well documented: Studies have found diversity is linked with better financial performance and higher rates of innovation. The recent growth of the Black Lives Matter movement has prompted many companies to examine their own shortcomings when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Read more about the values of diversity and inclusion.
  2. Shake Shack’s latest community outreach effort, a virtual summer Shack Camp, was created for both kids and kids at heart and born out of the challenges the company’s employees are facing in balancing work and family during the pandemic. Check out Shake Shacks new initiative to stay connected with its community.
  3. New research from the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol explores how sustainability programs at brands and retailers has changed in a post-COVID world, revealing that more than half (54 percent) of sustainability leaders at apparel and textile brands say they’ve seen their customers’ demands for environmentally sustainable practices and products increase since the beginning of the pandemic. Learn more about the growing demand for sustainability.
  4. Today’s consumers, especially Generation Z, have higher expectations and standards. They expect more options and the combination of all three makes it more challenging for marketers. Relevance has become one of the biggest values in today’s marketing world. Learn more about the keys to relevance.
  5. The chief revenue officer of Ethos says that even though the substance of her interview and onboarding wasn’t all that different, her mindset had to be. Check out the three lessons she learned changing careers amidst a pandemic.