Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Returning to work after a long weekend is hard, but even harder for sports fans. A massive win for the United States Women’s Soccer Team made them the winners of the World Cup this year. Join these women on top of the world by being at the top of your game and staying current on your PR and Marketing trends: 

  1. In case you missed it: The U.S. Women’s National Team becomes the 2019 World Cup Champions. Members of the team are on the verge of being the most sought-after influencers following their success this past weekend. 
  2. When your team is putting together a project, it’s easy to overlook some crucial steps in ensuring its success. Misjudging the target audience is one of the common mistakes made when developing a strategy. Read about the other four issues found in business plans and how to avoid them.  
  3. Starbucks is dealing with negative publicity after an employee asked law enforcement officers to leave the shop in Tempe, Arizona on the Fourth of July. Countless Tempe civilians were outraged by the incident and instructed customers to “Dump Starbucks”. 
  4. Juul, the creator of a popular e-cigarette, is under investigation as to whether they deliberately market towards youth, as their product is popular among young adults. Juul claims that youth engagement comes from independent third parties, but are they doing enough to stop the appeal to kids?
  5. Compared to other generations, Millennials and Gen-Z understand the importance of brand identity and a welcoming company culture. Companies who find ways to showcase their culture have found success in securing lifelong customers. These 12 tips will help your organization get started.