Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

June is coming to an end and you’ve almost made it to those much needed days off for Independence Day. Fill these last few days of June with productivity, focus and most importantly; trends and current events in the PR World. 

  1. #BoycottWayfair is trending as Wayfair faces some serious PR backlash. Employees are protesting and the company is dealing with thousands of cancelled orders due to their sale of mattresses and bunkbeds to a detention camp for migrant children. 
  2. Companies are never too big or too powerful to tweak their public relations strategies; specifically earned media. These 5 tips will help revamp your company’s approach to earned media. 
  3. Social Media marketing is a super effective way to reach a variety of audiences. These trends for the newest era of social media marketing could help your company stay relevant and connected.
  4. Sprout Social recently published a survey to help both marketers and consumers understand some key challenges when it comes to social media marketing. Make sure your marketing plan succeeds by considering these 8 key statistics.
  5. Personalization is one of the key ingredients to a good customer experience. The acquisition of personalization software vendor, Dynamic Yield, by McDonald’s for $300 million goes to show just how integral it can be for most organizations.