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PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

The promise of meaningful change is underway and PR professionals are continuing the amplify voices of change. While society is taking necessary steps forward to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, it is critical to continue educating one another to sustain permanent change. Check out these 5 articles that assist sustainable change:

  1. The PR industry is constantly influencing and swaying media opinion on every medium, and as this generation is taking part in a civil rights movement, it is important for PR professionals to ensure respectful communication to a diverse audience. Read this article to understand the importance of communicating with cultural sensitivity.
  2. The global pandemic has shifted public opinion in every way; one example is the resurfacing appetite for facts. The reenergized demand for news shows America’s crave for stories that are accurate in order to protect themselves. Check out this article about how people no longer want noise, but wants news and science.
  3. Social media has been one of the most powerful tools in organizing and protesting important causes and movements. However, social media platforms are filled with misinformation and divisive rhetoric. Learn more about the platform CommunityX, and how it is doing amazing work, and sustaining energy of social movement.
  4. As society is facing crisis on all fronts, brands need to become allies with a diverse team that responsibly and respectfully drives change beyond statements. Read more about how to properly amplify important voices.
  5. Having a diverse team positively impacts everything within a business’s success. Stories about the lack of diversity in the corporate world floods the news, and organizations are beginning to rethink their infrastructure. Read more about the step’s organizations need to take in order to be more inclusive.