Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Summer has officially started, and all anyone wants to do is be outside. In a fast- paced, and always-evolving field such as Public Relations, being present and focused at work is crucial. Stay on track by remaining up to speed with the happenings of the PR-sphere.

  1. Even the most genius marketing campaign can flop if the context and platform don’t align with the message. Make sure your campaign reaches maximum effectiveness by understanding and following these seven rules.
  2. Papa John’s Pizza was thrown into a PR catastrophe after the problematic word choice of the founder, John Schnatter, during a conference call came to be public knowledge. After sales plummeted and Schnatter was ousted, the company had to find a way to bounce back from this nightmare.  
  3. A company/website that executes Ecommerce content marketing well is not something you come by often. Most companies don’t even realize that they’re doing the bare minimum. In order to bring your company’s Ecommerce marketing game to the next level, follow these examples.
  4. #FakeNews is a growing problem in the United States. Numerous outlets have been guilty of spreading falsified information, and Americans are becoming wary of which outlets they trust.
  5. A number of companies are still looking to grow their online media presence, but don’t know how. Flood your social media with a variety of content to stay relevant in an increasingly online world. These 11 types of content will help you attract and retain consumers.