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Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

It’s officially almost halfway through June. One third of the population feels the loss of the Bruins last night, one third is ecstatic for the underdog, and the last third couldn’t care less. Whatever third you identify with, don’t be a part of the group that is behind on what’s happening in the PR World.

  1. If you want your campaign to resonate with your audience, word choice is everything. One study showed the addition of two words changed the actions of customers. Read about how the words “add to” increased clicks by a whopping 49%.
  2. In the mood for a podcast? Listen to three smarty pant PR experts talk about why SEO and PR strategy need to be working much closer together to achieve better results, on the Echo Chamber PR Show.
  3. Murphey’s Law claims “what can go wrong, will go wrong”. Prove him wrong by having a plan in place to combat a PR Disaster. These six steps will help you get there.
  4. Marijuana is legal in several states now, but the problems are just beginning. The federal government is raising concerns about the danger of advertising, and the messages being sent to the younger population. Could marijuana ads be more dangerous than tobacco ads?
  5. Jeff Bezos probably has more dollars to his name than the earth has grains of sand. Amazon is continuing to skyrocket and in the U.S. alone, advertising business could reach up to $60 billion by 2024, with revenues of over $660 billion.