PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

As voiced by millions of people around the globe, silence is no longer an option. Practicing supportive, honest, and empathetic communication is essential to improving society on every scale. Check out these 5 articles that emphasize the importance of educating, conversing, and learning through these difficult times:

  1. Historically, brands tend to avoid taking public political stances in the fear of losing customers. Today, customers are pushing brands for political statements, and will not be satisfied with silence any longer. Learn more about the importance of brands showing support and solidarity.
  2. The core to any great business is its employees. Having a deeper understanding of the essential role’s employees fulfill is crucial to an empowering, uplifting, and healthy work place. Read more about the importance of valuing staff.
  3. As businesses across the country are gradually reopening, business owners regularly face customers who do not agree with their social distancing and mask policies. Read more about being prepared for complicated situations, and keeping business safe.
  4. The call for social justice and system reform has been recently sweeping across the world, but has been overdue for centuries. Co-founder of Myavana, Candance Mitchell-Harris, voices her experiences as a female black business owner, and the injustices she faces daily. Learn more about how to move forward in dismantling racial injustice.
  5. At any Public Relations agency, account managers are crucial to the success of a business. Every day, the PR atmosphere is advancing and transforming to achieve greater tasks, and account managers are crucial for that development. Check out these 6 qualities every successful account manager possesses.