Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

May is finally over and summer is looking like it is on the horizon. But that doesn’t’ mean that we can just trade in our PR knowledge for beach-front margaritas—learning never stops. As you prepare for summer, check out these top 5 marketing trends:

  1. Marketing is shifting, and mobile ads alone were projected to generate over $76 billion in revenue in 2018. Digital marketing is driving businesses forward, and the trend is not expected to slow down in the next decade. Keep up.
  2. Have you seen Avengers Endgame yet? It seems like everyone in the world has. And that’s the point. See how Avengers’ inclusive marketing strategy allowed for Endgame to crush Box Office records.
  3. Even with a healthy budget and a compelling mandate, nonprofit marketers have major challenges to overcome. Check out these 3 nonprofit marketing examples of an effective content distribution strategy.
  4. AI is here to stay. But will artificial intelligence enabled marketing be the future of a connected world? I certainly don’t want AI to take over my job!
  5. Despite the lack of a formal advertising product, more brands are experimenting with fledgling video app TikTok in the hopes of discovering what content works and the kind of business outcomes they can expect.