PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Communicators from all industries are facing new challenges with drastically changing consumer behavior and culture caused by the pandemic. The essential business practices of today consist of thoughtful communication, changing to meet the customers’ needs, and most importantly, staying safe. Here are 5 tips and trends for communicators seeking balance on how to navigate and succeed during the summer of COVID-19.

  1. Several brands are struggling to find the proper imagery and messages after the transition into crisis mode. The multinational tech company, Cisco, averted communication issues by amplifying employee-generated-content strategies, and showing how their employees give back. Read more about how Cisco’s content and culture created a cautiously optimistic crisis.
  2. A very painful truth many workplaces struggle with today is the unconscious (and conscious) bias to push out employees who are minorities. It is essential to fairly treat all employees in respect of social values, and to keep diverse talent in the workplace. Read more about leading crisis interventions toward an unbiased, respected work environment.
  3. The global pandemic may have halted in-person business practice, but it has not stopped their versatility. The blast cleaning company, AK Wetworks, used their resources to turn business around, and make their communities safer. Read more about how small businesses have redeveloped their companies to make the world a safer and healthier place.
  4. Traditional distribution of products in the retail industry has been delayed for months due to COVID-19; many things have been lost, and many things have been gained. Business leaders have transformed their industries to thrive in digital capabilities for the best consumer experience. Check out the inside perspectives of business leaders during a pandemic.
  5. The millennial generation is notoriously known for running brands out of business because of their picky product preferences. COVID-19 has altered everyone’s lives, including their purchase decisions. Products that exemplify durability, sustainability, and better prices have re-surged their behavior. Check out this article about the millennial shift in consumer behavior.