Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

As New Englanders pack up their bags, plan their road trip to the Cape, or prepare to shuffle down to the Boston Calling this Memorial Day weekend, don’t forget to brush up on your marketing and communications skills. Whether you are on the beach, boat, or in the city this weekend, we are here to keep you up-to-date and informed on everything happening in PR:

  1. Marketing never takes a vacation. Learn what predictive modeling is and how it can improve your marketing strategy.
  2. Nowadays, you can’t walk a city block without running into a rental bike. Check out Lime’s fresh brand anthem and how it encouraged users to “unlock life.”
  3. Will we ever hear the end of Fortnite? Probably not. Nike’s new product drop features Fortnite favorites sporting signature kicks.
  4. Marketing is constantly changing and evolving. So, what we once learned in classrooms could very well be wrong now. Let’s refine the marketing mind
  5. Video marketing provides a great opportunity to connect with your audiences on a deeper, more engaging level. But are your videos really up to scratch? Check out how you can improve your video marketing strategy.