Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

As the sun finally peaks its weary head out from under the New England clouds, marketers and PR Pros alike are getting hopeful for summer. But as you daydream your next beach vacation, don’t forget to brush up on your marketing skills:

  1. Measurement remains king this summer as marketers ramp up their content strategies and social media analytics. But don’t be fooled by measurement tactics from a malicious source.
  2. Social media presents numerous opportunities for marketers to reach out to their target audience. But, it’s ever-evolving, ephemeral nature also poses significant challenges. Learn more about social media marketing trends for Gen Z and Millennials.
  3. Digital experience is everything to consumers. If they have a negative digital experience with your brand, you may lose them as a customer.
  4. Local companies should invest in digital marketing to overcome geographical boundaries in promoting their products and services to enhance competitive advantage internationally.
  5. Marketing has changed drastically over the past few years in response to the growing digital transformation. In order to survive, more companies who were largely brick and mortar or invested in traditional forms of marketing have been forced to innovate and translate their presence into an increasingly mobile and online world.