Weekly News Roundup | PR Club

Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Did April showers, just bring more showers? As spring doesn’t keep the rain away, make sure to utilize your time inside and check out these top five communications industry news and trends from the past week.

  1. Meal delivery services are booming, but not Munchery. Munchery filed for bankruptcy in February. The company still owes $3 million in unfulfilled gift cards. Aggressively marketing a product or service before you know if customers truly value it can be a kiss of death.
  2. According to Forbes, 60 million homes are podcast listeners, while 48 million people listen to podcasts weekly. Learn more about incorporating podcasts into your marketing campaign.
  3. Salesforce is launching Pardot Business Units, a new feature for digital marketers looking to segment audiences across different areas of an enterprise. The solution aims to provide agile functionality and analytics to global marketing teams for account-based marketing efforts.
  4. Drive Pilot. Autopilot. Pilot Assist. Super Cruise. Cool names, but what do they mean? All of these branded systems provide varying degrees of driver assistance, but none of them are fully autonomous. Find out more about these key difference in the automotive industry.
  5. Creating more loyal customers and driving more revenue all starts with tailored customer experiences put into effect with intelligent marketing using customer data. Learn more about this symbiotic relationship.