PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Communicators have received new recognition in leading companies and the public to certainty during the coronavirus pandemic. Here are 5 tips and trends in our industry for leading the uncertainty of today into the future.

  1. April 20th is the unofficial holiday for cannabis fans to celebrate with parties, concerts, and festivals. However, due to the coronavirus, festivities for these pot lovers were moved virtual and it showed how holidays should be handled during periods of social crisis. Read more about how cannabis marketers modified their strategies for the virtual holiday.
  2. With a demand for personalized brand experiences while also an existing discomfort about company databases mining personal data, the “privacy paradox” emerges. Learn more about how to balance personalization and privacy in communications.
  3. Communicators are an essential part to an organization and are now more essential than ever. In a survey from Peppercomma and the Institute for Public Relations, only 10% of leaders have extensive plans for a return to work. Read more about how communicators are receiving a new level of recognition amidst coronavirus.
  4. Marketers have lacked confidence in their spots on air, fearing that their work will have direct association with the bleak everyday news of coronavirus. The digital news app, Newsy, has created an ad product to guarantee commercials play before and after lighter news. Read more about how Newsy is giving marketers more certainty in their work.
  5. With the curve flattening, companies are looking into functioning in a post-COVID-19 world. According to new research by Social Media Link, 6 in 10 consumers say the coronavirus has impacted their view of brands. Learn more about how companies must ensure staying power during this pandemic.