PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Through the everyday challenges during this pandemic, the world is coming together to show great support and hope. Here are 5 trends in our industry to inspire courage and help you keep business running smoothly.

  1. Although, the Olympics are postponed until 2021, Visa, which has been an Olympics sponsor since 1986, continues to market the games. Read more about how Visa kept the Olympics relevant amidst the coronavirus.
  2. Inclusion and authenticity are what younger generations are demanding from companies in 2020. COO and director of client services at Orci, Marina Filippelli, explores the need for a better advertising world. Learn more about where she sees the need to redefine the industry.
  3. Social distancing measures globally have people nostalgic for the normal outings and activities pre-Covid-19. Check out how a creative designer at NASA revamped the vintage NASA space tourism posters to glamorize social distancing.
  4. According to a Deloitte survey, 91% of people consent to legal terms and services conditions without reading them. As issues concerning digital privacy escalate, the new podcast Ts&Zzz reads company terms of service agreements to put you to sleep. Read more how this podcast is raising awareness of the boring and unreadable terms of services while improving your sleep.
  5. While marketers are reconstructing strategies around the pandemic, influencers remain important in marketing campaigns. Discover how influencers can be beneficial to businesses amidst COVID-19.