PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

As we continue to understand our new norm, companies are finding new approaches to staying relevant and current. Here are 5 tips and trends in our industry to stay prepared for shifts in your brands’ plans and operations.

  1. With large scale productions on hold or canceled for the time being, agencies have shifted their design and work to keep the ball rolling. Learn more about how agency, The Mill, is using game engines to continue producing creative content.
  2. Physical events, such as the music festival Coachella, have been rescheduled to the fall of 2020 and even canceled until 2021. This unfortunately will not be the only change event marketers have to adapt to. Read more about the changing landscape of physical events.
  3. Businesses should be cautious in adjusting their digital presences during the current crisis with many criticisms threatening reputations. Here are 9 tips to protect your reputation during COVID-19.
  4. Toilet paper is the hottest commodity amidst the coronavirus pandemic. With toilet paper shortages, brings customer frustrations to social media. Read more about how toilet paper brands are responding to shortages on social media.
  5. Numerous influencers have been guides through these uncertain times, including a fox. Quinn the Quarantine Fox is the new mascot for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to inform and persuade people to stay safe. Read more about why this fox can be effective in addressing the public.