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PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Our normal way of living is currently a thing of the past but it’s important for PR professionals to adapt with the times. Here are 5 tips and trends in our industry to help you become a better communicator during the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Misinformation in the media is a major concern of the public during this pandemic. Out of this battle for accurate information, the frozen steak company, Steak-umm, acted on Twitter to deliver facts. Learn more about Steak-umm’s Twitter rant on misinformation that went viral.
  2. As all work moved virtual, so have pitches. Virtual pitches can lack the enthusiasm and personality of face to face communication. Read more about how an advertising student made scene setters to spice up your virtual pitch.
  3. Medical professionals on the front lines of this pandemic are struggling with the shortage of masks available to protect themselves. Read how New York agency Fancy is working with ‘Mask Match’ to help the shortage, and link donors with medical professionals.
  4. Anthony Facui, is a highly trusted source for all political parties relating to COVID-19 according to data published by Axios. His effective communication to the public as the primary spokesperson for the White House Coronavirus Task Force is how he’s gained the trust of Americans. Here are 5 communication lessons from Dr. Anthony Facui.
  5. With the cancellation of March Madness, Buffalo Wild Wings had to generate a new event to market around. Read more about how Buffalo Wild Wings has re-worked their marketing strategy for sports to ‘live on’.