PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Love is in the air. No, we don’t mean Valentine’s Day! We’re talking about your renewed love for all things public relations. Leading into this Valentine’s Day, check out these top 5 pieces of news that you won’t be able to help but fall in love with:

  1. Watches have been around for years, but Apple created a watch that became the most popular timepiece on earth. Read about how it took the Apple Watch only 5 years to dominate the 265-year-old industry.
  2. Looking to start your own business? Learn which industries show promising opportunities for entrepreneurs in 2020.
  3. Netflix, the king of streaming services, is taking over the entire entertainment industry. Learn how Netflix killed Blockbuster and how movie theaters could be next.
  4. IGTV is yet another method for Instagram storytelling. Check out these 10 ways to utilize IGTV to help market your brand.
  5. The Oscars was full of excitement. Check out the 7 best moments from the night in the recap of the 92nd Academy Awards.