Weekly News Roundup - PR Club

PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

Major brands and networks are continuing to shift their plans for the year with changes in consumer behavior and uncertainty of when the pandemic will come to an end. Check out these 5 articles about how behaviors and brands continue to evolve around the pandemic:

  1. As new business challenges emerge in the COVID battle, Americans say they value “caring for others” and “control” more in a pandemic-challenged world—but are showing a distinct lack of trust, particularly of companies, businesses and employers, new research from Deloitte reveals. Check out the three behavioral clusters that have emerged in 2020 to better understand the human experience.
  2. Without warning to three large publishers, Apple changed its software that would redirect user traffic away from their websites and toward its News+ app Read more about how publishing executives found out about this change through social media and whether the decision will lead to a termination in their relationship with Apple.
  3. Although college football brought in more than $1.5 billion in advertising in 2019, this year will look different with Big 10 and Pac-12’s decision to cancel fall football. Learn more about what this means for brands and TV networks looking to fill the college football void.
  4. Time on page is a familiar metric for content success, although it’s obvious that a page can be left open with no engagement happening. inPowered, the AI-driven content marketing, has proposed a minimum 15 seconds of engagement as optimal, and is reporting positive business outcomes. Read more about how AI-driven content distribution, including re-targeting the 15 second-plus visitors, is driving better results.
  5. Over the past several months, touch has been increasingly removed from our daily lives. The New York Times found 42% of Americans also expected it to be at least a year before they’d be willing to shake a friend’s hand or hug them to say hello. Learn more about how our transformed world is leading to new ways to create connections.