Webinar: The Language of Multicultural PR

After months of racial injustice and civil unrest this past year, many companies finally spoke out in support of racial equality and diversity and inclusion. While that is a step in the right direction, many still feel anxiety in talking about a race – a divide that PR pros can help bridge.

There’s a new language in talking about race, and multicultural PR is a large part of that. This session will offer a look at the convergence of these two worlds and how they are changing the lexicon we use every day.

In addition, the findings of a new Relevance Study from Brodeur Partners will be shared, highlighting how consumers perceive diversity and inclusion and their expectations of how brands should approach the topic.

Panelists include:

  • Moderator: Angela Hayes, SVP of Diversity and Inclusion at Brodeur Partners
  • Dia D. Harris, Diversity Equality & Inclusion Consultant
  • Whitney Scott, CMO, Kampgrounds of America, Inc.
  • Brandon Thomas, VP, Technology & Healthcare & General Manager, PAN Communications

Watch the replay now.