The PR Club Board: By The Numbers

Meet our board – in numbers!

Our team is made up of 25 people. 

Seven of us call Boston home, but we hail from 17 different cities across 2 states in New England. 

We are no strangers to moving either, with 11 of us having lived in two states, 8 having lived in three, 2 having lived in four, and 1 sticking to one state. 

Collectively, we attended 21 Colleges and Universities for undergrad. 

Over the past year alone, we’ve done quite a bit of travel – with a collective 52 destinations.

And 17 of us have taken advantage of work-from-home to work remotely from a destination away from our homes. 

Together, our team has over 140 years of experience in the PR industry, serving over 900 clients throughout our careers!

For a full list of the 2023 PR Club Board, click here.