Putting Our Best Foot Forward: PR Club’s 2023 Resolutions

Overwhelming new year’s resolutions are out. Baby steps toward a happier, more productive and healthier you are in. A new year is a wonderful time to reflect on what you need (both at work and outside of work). New year’s resolutions have a bad rep. They don’t have to be short-lived. In fact, they should be designed with the opposite in mind: resolving to make subtle adjustments and being more mindful with an achievement in mind (no matter how small or big – if it matters to you, it’s important).

See what PR Club board members had to say about where their energy is focused in the new year – we hope this inspires you to make some new year resolutions of your own! 

What are you looking forward to most in 2023? 

What’s around the corner for you in 2023? 

What steps are you taking to achieve your goals?

“I see 2023 as a year of networking and opportunity…especially in terms of doing my part to help foster personal and/or professional connections for friends/colleagues that prove beneficial on every side of the equation.” – Jessica Ann Morris, Founder|CEO jam:pr 

“As I continue to move forward professionally in 2023, I am committing to finding ‘calm in the chaos’ and carving out the time needed for a reset. This includes a weekly restorative yoga class on Sunday nights and revamping my daily routine: enjoying my morning cup of coffee and taking my time to get ready for work (video-on ready)! Showing up to work with a clearer, more creative mindset is the ultimate win/win when it comes to prioritizing my well-being.” Abbey Clark, Senior Media Manager, PAN Communications

“As I look towards setting my professional goals in 2023, I want to spend this year prioritizing my mental health. That means, utilizing my PTO as much as possible. Whether planning a full vacation or just a staycation in the middle of the week, I want to be sure to take time for myself this year so I can promote a healthy work/life balance. Fully singing off and being present in the moment (aka not checking work emails while off!)  will be a hard goal for me, but a necessary one I hope to accomplish.” – Kaitlynn Cooney, Account Director, Brodeur Partners 

“2022 was a year of gratitude after so much sacrifice in 2020 and adjustment in 2021. I see 2023 as a year of new beginnings. With that take on things, my resolution is to try new things; not just activities but new approaches to everyday challenges!” – John Guilfoil, Founder, JGPR

“I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions – I personally don’t believe in waiting until a certain day or time to make changes to improve my life and well being. Nevertheless, I do hope to continue hitting my professional goals and milestones while maintaining a healthy work-life balance – something we all know is extremely difficult in our field. I hope to make firmer boundaries between work-time and me-time and learn to better unplug on a daily basis vs. only being able to truly disconnect on vacation.” – Sofia Giovannello, Managing Supervisor, Methods+Mastery

“The name of my game in 2023 is ‘Not Overthinking It.’ Get whatever needs to be done efficiently and quickly and then take the time to edit and perfect. It’s easy to get in your own way when you have a vision of what could be when creating content, writing a strategy or making a plan. I am focusing on getting something down fast – even if it’s imperfect – to be more agile and get to that final, useful product.” – Amanda Fountain, Social Media Marketing Manager, LEGO Education 

“I’m not typically one to make New Year’s resolutions, or use a journal to keep track of my goals. But, this year is an opportunity to reflect deeper and define what actionable steps I need to take to pursue what I’d like to do both personally and professionally including more travel, pursuing professional and financial goals outside of my day-to-day in PR, and accepting anything that’s not meant to be. Mental and physical health will continue to be a top priority and I’m eager to see what my last year in my 20’s will bring.” – Caitlin Lynch, Senior Account Executive, FleishmanHillard