PR Club Weekly Roundup: PR, Marketing and Business News

‘Tis the season of pumpkins, apple cider and actually having to wear a jacket. Before heading wherever the wind takes you this fall, try to soak up the last bits of warmth and catch up on the popular trends in the PR and marketing worlds.

  1. Marketing to younger generations is a science in itself. The companies that find success with these generations are the ones that are willing and able to change their tactics. Check out the importance of empathy when it comes to #MillennialMarketing and the other elements that play into creating an effective campaign.
  2. If you’re not experienced in public relations, speaking to the press is harmless, right? WRONG. Check out these few examples of what not to say, and how to address clients who are eager to handle press inquiries without having the knowledge to speak strategically.
  3. The content you post on social media is only as effective as the platform you pick. Maximize your marketing budget by making sure you understand these 10 things about social media marketing and the advantages of using each platform.
  4. Creating a community can be an extremely effective way to increase engagement and activity surrounding a product or service. Check out how this cleaning company took to Spotify to create awareness for their products while forming a rather musical community.
  5. When Instagram was released in 2010, it became the ultimate platform for marketers to dominate. To effectively make an impression requires developing very intricate strategies. Read about these high-profile accounts and how they can help you capitalize on your intended audience.