Interview with 2017 Crystal Bell Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Laura Tomasetti

As the winner of the John J. Molloy Crystal Bell Lifetime Achievement Award last year, what did this award win mean to you personally?

Being recognized by a peer group like the Publicity Club was incredibly validating for me and our entire team at 360. I appreciate that the Publicity Club takes a thoughtful approach to elevating the work we do as communications professionals. As I think of the Crystal Bell recipients who preceded me, and the impact they’ve had in their organizations and in our community, I am very grateful to rank among them.

How has the PR industry evolved since you began your career?

The speed of communication has accelerated in ways I could not have imagined a few decades ago, and as platforms for communications and marketing have proliferated the value of what we do has become undeniable. For me, the core principles of creating a campaign and weaving a good story still apply. But we have so many more tools and touch points today that enable us to have greater impact – and to measure that impact.

What characteristics do you look for when bringing new talent into 360PR?

Great question! PR is a creative field and we look for creative thinkers first and foremost – people who are switched on, constantly making connections with the world around them. They need to be stars in their own right, but also want to win as part of a team. That’s core to our culture at 360. With that as the foundation, we’re looking for visual storytellers, writers and presenters, project managers with a passion for detail, and strategists who can roll it all up.

What makes New England, and Boston specifically, unique in the PR industry?

The talent pool is strong here, fueled by the student population and, for more senior talent, the fact that Boston (and the broader region) offers a great quality of life and career opportunities across a range of sectors. We’re also a hub for digital talent and entrepreneurs and that makes us more open to trying new things.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who wants a lasting career in PR, like yours, what would it be?

Start early if you can (or consider going back to school to re-track like I did) and try to secure a position in an agency, where you’ll gain exposure to every aspect of PR. Once in, be the person who always raises your hand – you’ll get more opportunities to learn and grow. PR offers such a rewarding career path, creatively, intellectually and financially.

What advice would you offer to the selection committee in identifying the 2018 John J. Molloy Crystal Bell Lifetime Achievement Award winner?

I think it’s important to recognize someone who has had as much impact on others’ careers as their own and who is committed to continuing to grow the PR industry in New England. There are so many deserving communications leaders across the region. I look forward to seeing who will be in the spotlight this year!