Inspiration from PR and Communications Leaders on International Women’s Day

We asked several women leaders to share advice for aspiring PR and communications professionals. And for those looking for more ways to celebrate International Women’s Day, take part in the #ChooseToChallenge campaign for #IWD2021. 

“Commit to building a sense of community within your organization that uplifts everyone, regardless of gender. I am fortunate to have been raised, taught and mentored by women who have demonstrated that anything is possible. Now, as a business leader, I recognize how important it is to create an environment that empowers and energizes women to make their dreams come true.” – Jean Serra, Co-Founder and Partner, V2 Communications 

“Learn to think of gender equality as more than just a women’s issue. Achieving equality also benefits men, as well as the organizations and institutions that make up our society. Today it’s a dream but I am motivated every day to make it a reality.” – Maura FitzGerald, Co-Founder and Partner, V2 Communication

“Data shows women tend to say ‘sorry’ more than men, which is a trait many of us must work to overcome early in our careers,” said Kathy Wilson, co-founder and Managing Partner of Tier One Partners. “It’s right to make an apology if you genuinely do something wrong but first, level set around what really constitutes bad behavior. Female leaders have worked too hard to let habit or small insecurities make us feel like we must apologize for our success or for our opinions.”

“As a woman-owned business in an industry that is powered by a higher percentage of women than men, we have a responsibility to pave the way for advancement of women of all backgrounds and at all stages of their careers in communications and marketing,” commented Laura Tomasetti, Founder and CEO of 360PR+. “We must contribute more broadly, too, to provide opportunities for the many girls and women across our communities, and beyond our borders, whose economic, education and other challenges are amplified because of gender inequality.”

“Dare to be great, unapologetic, strong, assertive, empathetic, vulnerable and kind.  Throughout your career and life, there are always going to be people who push you aside, build you up, talk over you and guide you. Always remember, dare to be you! ” – Cara Buscaglia, Chief Innovation & Insights Officer, Talkwalker

“One of the most powerful avenues to inspire young women to become tomorrow’s communications experts is through one-on-one mentoring. It’s something as simple as keeping your doors open to younger women or offering to chat with students at local universities,” said Cheryl Gale, co-founder and President of March Communications. “Helping young female professionals find their voice and empowering them to own their position as a future leader is the best way to ensure equity within the PR and communications industry.”

“I’ve been lucky to have many female leaders paving the way ahead of me. Throughout my career, and especially as I’ve taken on more leadership positions myself, I am always looking for other young women to lift up alongside me. It’s so easy to compete with one another. But when we can support each other and challenge each other to take risks, we create so many more opportunities for all women.” – Amanda Fountain, President of PR Club and Director of Social Strategy at March Communications.