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In the Club: Getting Into Clubhouse

You’ve heard about Clubhouse. You’ve possibly heard it’s kind of exclusive. You’ve even probably heard rumors about how to get in. Here’s some tips to get in the Club(house). 

Before you take your first official steps, you need to know the Clubhouse app is only available on iOS. So if you don’t have an Apple mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod), you’re out of luck for a while longer. There’s no news yet on a Clubhouse app for Android. 

Here’s our tips for getting in: 

  1. Get an invite from someone you know. That’s the most direct way into Clubhouse. Invites are limited per user, so ask around and see who can hook you up. 
  2. Go through a not very secret “side door” process. Check with your friends who are currently using the app. Even if they are out of invites, they can still get you in. Make sure you’ve got each others’ mobile numbers saved to your phone as a contact. Download the app and register your username. Your friend may get a notification that you’ve registered and be able to wave you in. It’s like a friend seeing you in the line and letting the bouncer know you’re cool. 

If these tips don’t work, you’re unfortunately going to need to wait for Clubhouse to move out of private beta. 

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This article was written by PR Club President Amanda Fountain.