Getting to Know The Board: Kat Aronofsky, Content

Where do you work and what is your title?
I’m an Account Manager at Matter Communications 

What is your Twitter handle?


Briefly summarize your background. What kind of industry/clients do you work with?

In my 10+ years of experience, I’ve worked with some of today’s most influential thought leaders, politicians, authors, sports legends and everyday people with extraordinary stories to tell. I’ve coordinated a Pulitzer Prize-winning piece for the New York Times, pitched, developed and promoted a New York Times best-selling memoir turned major motion picture, provided media strategy for senior Congressional leaders and members of the U.S. State Department, and was a trusted advisor and Head of Communications for one of Forbes “Most Influential CMOs in the World.”

At Matter, I primarily focus on consumer, retail tech and thought leadership, along with a sprinkling of architecture, construction and B2B tech. I also co-lead the agency’s crisis communications team. 

Describe what you do for PR Club.

I am a new board member and have been getting my feet wet with the content team. I’m excited to dig in and participate in a variety of ways as time goes on.

Name your top three favorite things about PR.

  1. I’m a storyteller at heart and I love having the opportunity to help my clients shine a light on their impact, innovation and more in creative ways. 
  2. PR has allowed me to become a generalist in so many industries. I can tell you all about baby products, digital experience analytics and design build construction. This makes me an excellent dinner party guest! 
  3. There’s nothing like the rush of getting a great hit for a client, even all these years in. 

Do you have a childhood moment when everyone knew you’d be a communications specialist?

Growing up, I always had a fascination with breaking news stories and current events. I idolized Katie Couric and Tom Brokaw and always thought I’d become a journalist. I never expected to wind up on the PR side of the fence, but I’m so glad that I did. 

What is your top getaway destination?
Anywhere with a beach! I’m all for tropical vacations, but one of my favorite places is Long Sands Beach in York, Maine. Walking the entire beach early in the morning with an iced coffee in hand is the best way to start a vacation day. 

If you could take a client to any restaurant in Boston where would you go?
I’ve always been a big fan of Stephanie’s on Newbury. 

Go to Dunks order?

Small iced coffee with 1 pump of caramel and coconut milk – it tastes like an almond joy!