Getting To Know The Board: Clay Patrick, Events

Where do you work and what is your title?

Walker Sands, Senior Media Relations Specialist

What is your Twitter handle? 


Briefly summarize your background. What kind of industry/clients do you work with?

I have two years of agency experience at Walker Sands, focused on Cybersecurity, AI, Cloud and Marketing/Sales tech. I am a 2022 graduate of Boston University’s master’s in public relations, a winner of the Arthur W. Page Society’s Global Case Study Award, and a two-time PR Association of Mississippi Campaigns honoree. 

Describe what you do for PR Club.

I am a member of the Events committee, helping to plan professional growth and development throughout the year, with an emphasis on events that help with early-stage career development. 

Name your top three favorite things about PR. 

  1. Opportunity to be creative
  2. Learning deeply about difficult topics I normally wouldn’t understand
  3. The connections you make with other PR pros

What is your top getaway destination?

The Maldives, New Zealand or Portugal

If you could take a client to any restaurant in Boston where would you go?

Saltie Girl

Go to Dunks order?

Iced Coffee, unsweetened toasted almond and unsweetened blueberry flavoring, oat milk, and sugar