Getting To Know The Board: Catie Valzania, Content Lead

Where do you work and what is your title?
360PR+ & Three Cheers, Senior Account Supervisor

What is your Twitter handle? 


Briefly summarize your background. What kind of industry/clients do you work with?

I work at 360PR+ and Three Cheers, working across consumer industries, with a specialty in parenting and adult beverage alcohol. Along with media, I also do a significant amount of influencer work. 

Describe what you do for PR Club

I am the Content Lead, meaning I oversee our blog content and assist with other content needs across the board. 

Name your top three favorite things about PR. 

  • Working with influencers and celebrities
  • Securing that perfect media hit the client loves
  • Events

Do you have a childhood moment when everyone knew you’d be a communications specialist?

No specific moment comes to mind. I just knew I loved people and wanted to work in a fun industry! 

What is your top getaway destination? 

York, Maine, but basically anywhere with a beach. 

If you could take a client to any restaurant in Boston where would you go?

Committee or Barcelona Wine Bar – both are amazing!

Go to Dunks order?

A medium iced latte with skim milk