Getting to Know The Board: Abbey Clark, Content

Where do you work and what is your title?

Senior Media Manager, PAN Communications

What is your Twitter handle? 


Briefly summarize your background. What kind of industry/clients do you work with?

I currently specialize in media relations primarily working with clients in PAN’s healthcare portfolio. Part of my role is also rotating on/off clients for 3-6 months as a media strategist for a variety of reasons including financial events (earnings, IPOs,) executive comms, etc. My background is primarily in B2B tech/healthcare agency-side. Before agency life, I started my career at a health-tech start up. 

Describe what you do for PR Club. I am on the membership committee and am always pushing for more student involvement!

I am a member of the BOD assisting primarily with content creation and planning.

Name your top three favorite things about PR. 

  1. No day is ever the same
  2. I am constantly learning 
  3. That feeling when a scrappy idea becomes a talk track and that executive talk track lands in a primetime broadcast slot or finds a home in a tier one headline – the best.

Do you have a childhood moment when everyone knew you’d be a communications specialist?

My chatter-box tendencies and thirst for knowledge as a child probably gave it away.

What is your top getaway destination? 

When planning a getaway, I look for destinations where I can fully unplug. PR professionals are wired to be “on” all of the time, so I try to find the “off switch” in my free time (this usually includes either beach time or activities in nature.)

If you could take a client to any restaurant in Boston where would you go?

Recently I went to Mare in the North End for a client dinner and highly recommend!

Go to Dunks order?

More of a Starbucks gal, but for Dunks I typically go for an iced coffee w/ light French vanilla swirl (or pumpkin swirl if it’s fall…obviously.)