Gen Z and the Age of Sensory Journalism—Event Recap

Technology continues to transform journalism and the ways in which we consume news and information. Where Twitter gave birth to citizen journalism a decade ago, today’s advances center on nascent technology like augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, interactive multimedia and touch video, among others. These evolving tools not only are equipping Generation Z as they become activated citizens – but also as they become active consumers of media.

The PR Club was excited to host Brodeur Partners’ Michael Brewer recently, to discuss the changing news consumption habits of Generation Z, the new “Digital Generation.”

The engaging session covered Brodeur Partners’ latest Relevance Study into the generational shifts in news consumption and how media institutions are leveraging digital tools to better connect to their younger audiences.

Participants were given an exclusive look into what is on the minds of a new generation of media consumers with shorter attention spans and untapped access to technology. Participants learned how storytelling is evolving with AR, VR and AI technology, and how communication professionals can keep up in this immersive digital world.

Among the insights shared is that Gen Z is no different than other generations in that an overwhelming majority (nearly two-thirds) say they watch or listen to more news than they read. However, both Millenials and Gen Z are very different when it comes to how those visual elements are formatted and enhanced.  In particular, 48% of Millenials and 47% of Gen Z prefer journalism that includes virtual and augmented reality – compared to 33% of Gen X and 20% of Boomers.

And when asked to rank their most important source for news, well more than halp (59%) ranked social networks as the first or second most important news source. This compares to 48% for Millenials, 29% for Gen X and 18% for Boomers.

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