Facebook Groups – Mark Zuckerberg has named them “Communities”

George Snell, head of content innovation + integration at 360PR+ asked Mari Smith, “Queen of Facebook” during a recent PR Club event on the Future of Facebook, “Should you start a Facebook Group? Do you need a moderator? Rules?”

Mari answered enthusiastically, “Yes, yes – and yes!”

She continued, saying Mark Zuckerberg spoke in January about the main areas he is focusing on and “Community” is one of his top priorities. In fact, the platform has focused on building “Community” through Facebook Groups for 2 – 4 years now.

What is Facebook’s goal in nurturing Groups?

Facebook wants people to use Groups to find and communicate with their “peeps” keeping people on the platform. Groups create a sense of belonging. People associate this experience and overall positive sentiment with Facebook.

If there are more than 250 people in your Group, use “Insights” to:

  1. Learn which posts have the most engagement;
  2. See who the most active group members are;
  3. Understand how members engage within your group.