Conducting PR During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Replay

Last week PR Club hosted three PR Practitioners who shared their stories and strategies on navigating their clients and their employees through the COVID-19 pandemic. PR Club President Todd Graff moderated the discussion which featured Ashley McCown, President, Solomon McCown & Cence; Cheryl Gale, Founder and Managing Partner of March Communications; and Laura Tomasetti, Founder & CEO of 360PR+.


Watch the full conversation by clicking HERE.


In addition, Laura Tomasetti took the time to answer a few questions that we weren’t able to address during the session.

Clients have been pulling back on budgets, now that they are scaling back or temporarily closing. How are you dealing with far fewer billable hours and a real lack of checks coming in?

We haven’t yet seen a significant drop off yet, but we are flexing with clients as needed – reallocating spending from events to influencer marketing, content creation or executive thought leadership, for example, and adjusting timelines. Any available time is being used to check in with clients more frequently, to guide remote teams, and to reconnect with prospects who we believe could benefit from our expertise and services now more than ever.

How are you helping employees who are working from home full-time while also full-time parenting?

We’re fortunate that our employees who are parents have support at home, so while there’s more on their plates – no doubt about that – they aren’t responsible for doing it all. We are flexing with our employees, too. They can bow out of calls and work when it works for them – team members really have each other’s back. Certainly if anyone becomes ill or needs to care for a family member who has fallen ill, we’ll fully support them.