Burnout: Tips to Address & Avoid It In 2024

2024 is less than 20 days away and we are still processing 2020 (which is about to be four years ago?!). As we approach the new year and hopefully some much needed time off from work, it is hard not to feel at least *slightly* burnt out. 

While our work and client service is important, burnout happens and it can be hard to address, especially considering the shift to a hybrid/remote schedule with access to work at our fingertips at all times. Burnout can come in many shapes and sizes, so our board members have shared some of the ways they’ve mastered addressing it in order to work more efficiently and productively.

  1. Take PTO and actually sign-off! We are all guilty of taking time off and still checking our phone or laptop to stay on top of emails and messages for when we get back to our desks. But is that really the point of taking PTO? To help, it’s always best to turn off outlook notifications on your phone and leave your laptop behind if you’re traveling so you can really sign-off and enjoy some R&R.
  2. Scheduling time for creativity. Oftentimes, we have a to-do list we’re trying to tick off and before we know it, it’s the end of the week. In PR, we’re constantly navigating client service, whether that be through a timely issues response campaign or receiving interest from the perfect reporter. Putting 30 minutes on your calendar to brainstorm creative ideas for your clients or your personal goals is a great way to “cleanse your palette” and get away from the hectic-ness of the day-to-day. 
  3. Infusing “fun” into your work day. A book club at lunch, walks in the afternoon, and coffee chats about favorite streaming shows are just a few activities you can incorporate into your work week to feel refreshed and take a “brain break.”
  4. Delegation and communication. One of the key problems that leads to burnout is simply having too many items on your plate than can get done in one workday. To manage this, our board members work with their teams to onboard and learn all processes and skills so projects can be completed by various people, avoiding a situation where responsibility falls on one person. Also, by continuously communicating priorities and bandwidth to ensure team members know where things stand. 
  5. Last but not least, ask for help! We’ve all been underwater with a long list of to-do’s that becomes overwhelming. Tackling this alone will only lead to burnout and sometimes lower quality outcomes. It’s best to ask team members for help to ensure deliverables are met while keeping us all sane! 

Although this list of tips is not exhaustive in preventing burnout, it’s a great place to start. No matter what industry or profession you work in, the feeling of burnout is sometimes inescapable, but there are always ways to help alleviate its consequences that we’ve all experienced. As we head into 2024, we hope you are able to incorporate one of the actions from this list to help prevent stress before it leads to full-on burnout! 

This piece was compiled by the PR Club Executive Board.