Please note that our submission format has changed for 2020. All entry submissions will now be slide-based (either PowerPoint or PDF slides only)

  • Be concise; use short sentences and bullets whenever possible.
  • For the “On a Shoestring” category, please include the budget in your submission. To be considered for this category, the budget must not have exceeded $10K. Budget information will remain confidential and will not be published anywhere.
  • Excessive typos and general sloppiness will result in point loss and may eliminate your entry from consideration.
  • Formatting: each of the following four sections – situation analysis; statement of objectives; program planning and strategy; and results documentation – must be completed and submitted online either as ONE document in PPT / PDF. Please keep your entry narrative to 6-8 pages in length, whether it’s broken up into its respective parts in the submission form or submitted as one document.

Please note: The entry narrative is required for your submission. This portion of your submission provides all the details about your award entry, and details about this section may be found here. The entry narrative should be delivered as a single presentation format (PowerPoint or PDF), and a sample can be viewed here: Sample Bell Ringer Award Entry Narrative

1. Situation Analysis

Your situation analysis should include an overview of the competitive landscape in addition to the factors in the marketplace or organization that created the need for this project. Please explain the problem(s) and opportunity/opportunities pertaining to this project while avoiding industry jargon. 

2. Statement of Objectives

Provide a specific, detailed explanation of the measurable objectives/goals that guided the development of the project.

3. Program Planning and Strategy

Discuss the techniques, methods, and approaches used to achieve the objectives stated above and solve the problem. 

4. Results Documentation

Provide both quantitative and qualitative documentation of the success of the project, such as inquiries or sales generated, press clippings or positive feedback from management or client contacts that demonstrate the goals were achieved. The results documentation must contain factual information (not opinions or feelings) and should confirm achievement of the set goals. All supporting materials should be attached and should not be included in your entry narrative. 

50 Word Summary

A 50-word summary of your campaign entry is required as part of the online submission form. This will be used by presenters to describe winning submissions during the annual Bell Ringer Awards ceremony. There is a space on the online entry form to enter your summary; you do not need to include it with your narrative.


The entry narrative will be the basis for scoring entries. Total maximum points for any entry is 100.

Point breakdown is as follows

  • Situation Analysis: up to 20 pts
  • Statement of Objectives: up to 20 pts
  • Program Planning and Strategy: up to 20 pts
  • Results Documentation: up to 30 pts
  • Quality of Entry (i.e. following instructions, includes specific details, lack of errors, etc.): up to 10 pts

All winning entries will remain confidential until the night of the awards ceremony. Please note that judges are eligible to enter the competition but are not allowed to judge the categories that they, their companies, or their clients have entered. All results are reviewed and audited.